If you or your company is in need of assistance from pre-concepts, specification, design, engineering, or actual realisation, you can count on the experience and unique expertise, gained inland or accross borders, of our high-qualified colleagues.

Our service portfolio embraces and provides you with the complete scope of natural stone consultance: facade cladding, decorative stones, street pavement, traditional or modern use of natural stone in architecture and interior design.

We are honored to list among our partners reknown domestic and international architect groups, general constructors, companies and private clients with keen architectural culture and gusto.

Engineering, Installation, Stone- and Building-aesthetic Consulting

Our engineers and experts in stone fabrication, carving, and sculpturing, provide you with personal consultancy in: determination of stone quality requirements, application of suitable fabrication, finishing, and stone-carving techniques, suitable stone specification to the purpose, applicable installation details, optimalisation of stone dimensions, dilatation, installation method, stone treatment, and maintanance issues.

Stone Selection and Application Consulting

Our sales representatives and experts orient you thoroughly in all themes: applicable stone materials, decorative stones, technical details, advantages and disadvantages of use, surface finishing, and stone fabrication methods in line with the all-time architectural and design.

Building- and Sculputre-scanning, Digital Measuring

We offer to your disposal our services the most up-to-date technologies in digital measurement of buildings, sculptures, and other objects, including 3D scanning. Digital data processing and configuration allows the optimalisation of architectural, reconstructional, sculpturing tasks. E.g. 3D scanning played an important role in the sculpturing tasks and realisation of statues on the Hungarian Parliament facade or the statues on the Kossuth Square in Budapest.


Reneszansz Stone Inc. renders services in installation and stone construcion with a distinct work-shop of 60 professionals with thorough experience in natural stone implementation. Our services are provided to private villas and houses, public buildings and space, street pavements, or renovation and reconstruction of heritage buildings. A list of reference does justice to our experience, from facade cladding, through interior and exterior stone claddings, gardens, or masonry works. We offer unique stone carving and sculpturing expertise in realisation of monuments, statues, or statue-compostions of natural stones.

Design and Engineering

Our design group of 20, composed of innovative enginers and high-qualified sculpturing and architectural experts undertake the construction planning, shop drawing and ticketing beside the installation. The stone industrial knowledge in compliance with architectural and interior design experience of our experts provide our clients a value-added service – rendering, interior designs, facade or pavement lay-out planning etc.


Our activites are supported by the preparation of price quotations, offering alternative solutions through different technologies. As early as the design-phase we provide consultance and support to architects and clients with cost estimates, price calculations, schedule-planning, and feasibility studies, in order to achieve the optimal and most cost-effective solution.

Our ornate showroom and offices in Üröm are wide open to clients, designers, architects, installers, introducing natural stone application, modern architecture, design, and landscaping solutions.