Sutto ’Renaissance’ Stone

Formation: Sutto limestone is a freshwater sedimentary calcium-carbonate stone, deriving from Pleistocene. It was formed of tepid spring- and lake-sediment, approximately
400-600,000 years ago.

Stone Qualities

  • Density: 2400-2600 kg/m3
  • Compressive Strength: 80 N/mm2
  • Flexural Strength: 9 N/mm2
  • Modulus of Rupture: 700 N
  • Capillary Water Absorption: 100g/m2s0,5
  • Böhme-type Abrasion: 20 cm3/50cm2
  • Slippage Resistance (SRT): 50 SRV

Sutto limestone is FROST RESISTANT, tested for both 50 and 100 freezing and tawing cycles.


  • Veneers, wall cladding, flooring, pavement both exteriors and interiors
  • Block objects, carved building stones, sculptures, monuments

With the various surface finishings you can choose the one most to your liking, and from the wide variety of products you can choose to ornate your everyday environment!


The quarries of Reneszansz Stone Plc, located in the settlement of Sutto, in the northern part of Hungary, have been used for almost 2000 years. The stone originating from this location have been applied in the ancient Roman Empire. The stone layers are unique in the country with their clear depth reaching 40 meters. Due to this fact, multiple benches facilitate the quarrying and raw material extraction. We pride ourselves in our environmentally friendly and stone-protective technologies, which we deem essential to all value-conscious corporations nowadays. Up until 1991, the manual drilling and explosive methods were in practice, but this technologies have substantially damaged the stone layers and above that meant a threat to the environment. At the first opportunity, the company switched to the diamond-wire-saw technology and from 1997 this is the sole method of extraction. As a result, more sizeable blocks are quarried, efficiency in quarrying increased, and for last but not least, the quarrying works do not disturb the local flora and fauna.


  • Quarry land: 114 acres
  • Yearly quarry output: 13-15,000 cubic meters
  • Natural stone resource: 9 million cubic meters
  • Expected span of quarrying: 4-500 years
  • Main quarried materials: Honey Cappuccino (Haraszti), Golden Cream (Gazdabanya)
Everlasting beauty captivates and appeals. The creations, the products of Reneszansz Stone offer you this experience, showing the endless beauty of Sutto limestone, in the simple tiles to the intricate carvings and sculptures.